The Guru

The Guru Urla in Urla Sahne is a place that cares about taste. The gastronomic experience is presented alongside its mystical decor. Its special menu featuring unique flavors from the Aegean Region is available throughout the day. 

The Guru serves local delicacies flavored with sauces from around the world. A changing, transforming eating and drinking experience is available morning, noon, and night at our innovative restaurant where you can find surprising tastes to motivate you throughout the day. 

Special menu options for dinner meetings, group breakfasts, and tasteful conversations are as varied as the nature the food coms from. For anything else you desire, The Guru restaurant awaits your call!

Conversation and entertainment are the crown jewels of The Guru Urla, which hosts various activities starting on the weekend. The Guru is keen on bringing fresh, local, seasonal products together with Urla wines and different cuisines from around the world, making it a gastro-oriented meeting place for guests from abroad as well as locals from Izmir.